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Airgun Shooting

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Airgun shooting is one of the most popular shooting sports in the UK. Both professional and amateur pest controllers commonly use airguns, mainly due to their quiet operation and the low cost of ammunition.

Airguns are also used for both formal and recreational target shooting. The targets range from simple ‘bullseye’ paper targets in indoor ranges, to more complex ‘field targets’ that are set out in woodland and represent typical airgun quarry.

The UK boasts several world and European champions in almost all airgun target disciplines.

Many airgunners also enjoy informal target shooting within the privacy of their own back gardens, where the targets could be anything from the traditional paper ‘bullseye’ to tin cans.

Airgun shooting is also the perfect introduction for young people into the sport of shooting, where all of the basic principles- including safety, can be taught.

Air Gun Shooting In Norfolk

If you would like to shoot your air gun you can do so at our shooting ground in Taverham, Norfolk:
Mid Norfolk Shooting Ground, Deighton Hills, Fakenham Road, Norwich NR8 6HS

Shooting is available Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm. 

Half Day Range Fee (10am–1pm):
Member Range fee: £5.00
Non-Member Range Fee: £8.00

Full Day Range Fee (10am–4pm):
Member Range fee: £8.50
Non-Member Range Fee: £14.00

+ All levels of shooter welcome
+ Tuition and advice available
+ Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult
+ Group shoots can be arranged

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For more information please contact Paul Askey on 01603 860436 or email