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Firearms Rifles & Shotguns

Small bore rim fire rifles

The CZ bolt-action rifle is often portrait as a low quality, low cost, cheap and inaccurate rifle. The truth is very much the opposite. These rifles are low

Cost, high quality finish and quite accurate. These rifles are more than capable of shooting sub 1” groups at 100yards+. Any discrepancy with accuracy is usually put down to low cost mass produced ammunition.

These rifles all come threaded ready for fitting sound moderators; this is obviously a must for rabbit control, with subsonic ammunition the loudest noise is the bullet hitting the target/rabbit.

The rifles come with a five shot magazine as standard and we keep 10 shot magazines in stock.

We keep trigger kits in stock to give the trigger lighter and more precise trigger pulls, which will make the rifle even more accurate for target shooting.

Firearms Rated Shotguns

Firearms rated shotguns allows the gun to carry more than 3 cartridges. The Most popular ones we sell are the Benelli shotguns, which are owned by Beretta.

Reasons for owning a Firearms Rated shotgun include practical target shooting and vermin control.

Benelli semi-automatic shotguns work using inertia to recycle the mechanism, also the new M3 version is semi-automatic and features a pump action which helps recycle the gun especially for light or special loads. Benelli M3 Shotguns, Devised for military and defence uses, hunting and practical shooting, and can take a wide range of cartridges thanks to the dual function selected by a simple control lever.

The models we stock new are all multi-choked and come with a full set of chokes

Many accessories are available for these guns, extended mag tubes folding stocks red dot sight and much more.

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