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Game Guns

Beretta 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon

The 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon uses the 68 series action though what makes it different is the side plates which feature well detailed engraving which is hand-finished. Also the woodwork is selected and is only top grade.

The barrels are cold hammer forged for concentricity and strength and then perfectly protected with a deep blueing finish. The bores are chrome lined for added durability.

The action has a nickel based finish for added durability and corrosion resistance.

This provides an exceptionally strong, reliable, low profile receiver, which is enhanced with rich engravings.

These guns all eject spent cartridges for ease of reloading and feature a single trigger with a barrel selector for choosing the first fired barrel.

These guns are built to withstand a lifetime of usage and are one of our bestseller’s and have unrivalled reliability.

The game gun is available either fixed choke or mobil multi-chokes, which is the short, flush fitting system.

The gun is also available with either scroll engraving or game-scene engraving.

Perazzi Shotguns

Perazzi shotguns are available in store, they can be to any specification you require. Also available is the chance to pick your wood and have the gun fitted to you in the factory in Italy. These guns handle supremely and the quality is 100% perfect every time.

To view available options please visit our shop.

Caesar Guerini

Since our actions are forged from solid billets, in either steel or light alloy, the material does not experience excessive cutting during machining. Therefore the actions are stronger and absorb recoil better. All our actions in NiCrMo are cemented and hardened to have a very flexible core and a very hard surface.All Caesar Guerini shotguns, including the extra light models, undergo the 1320-bar high-pressure test at the Italian National Proof House. The hinge pins are made from an extremely wear/stress resistant material and are fully interchangeable. The locking lugs, with their wide working surface, contribute to the resistance and longevity of the shotguns. The inertia single trigger, gold-plated on some hunting models, is provided with a double compensator: the link between compensator and inertia block (situated on the action and not on the trigger to enhance safety in case of accidental drops or hits) features a mobile ball which reduces friction to the minimum while shooting. The two-stage hammers also enhance safety. They are operated by pre-charged coil springs and are of the rebounding type, which is typical of prestigious and more costly shotguns. As a consequence the firing pins never protrude from the face after the shotgun has been fired which, once again, makes the shotgun safer and very smooth to open. The tang safety comes with a selector. The barrels in Chrome-Moly steel are drilled and reamed to improve elasticity and, therefore, ballistic performance. They also come with an impeccable finish thanks to a double polishing process: by hand first and then by robot. FOR FULL SPECIFICATION CONTACT THE STORE ON 01362 69 69 26 or EMAIL SALES@CHURCHILLSOFDEREHAM.CO.UK