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Semi-Automatic shotguns

Winchester Super X3 Composite

The Winchester Super X3, Composite stocked shotgun. The composite stock and forearm design features trim dimensions that feel and balance perfectly in your hands, with Dura-Touch® Armour Coating added to provide a sure grip in any weather conditions. A gunmetal grey Perma-Cote UT (Ultra Tough) surface finish is applied to external surfaces for extreme corrosion protection, while the bolt is plated with electroless nickel for added corrosion resistance. A weight-saving alloy magazine tube and recoil spring system, slim barrel with a machined rib, and an alloy receiver contribute to the svelte 7¼ pound weight. The self-adjusting Active Valve gas system and proprietary next generation Pachmayr® Decelerator® recoil pad reduce felt recoil as much as 50% over that of recoil-operated autoloaders for faster follow-up shots and shooting comfort you’re sure to notice. .742” Back-Bored Technology works with the Invector-Plus™ choke tube system to provide consistent hitting, dense patterns. 3” and 3½” chambered models are available. Three choke tubes, two length of pull stock spacers, drop and cast adjustment spacers, and sling swivel studs are included.

Beretta AL391 Urika

The Beretta AL391 features the Beretta gas operated recycling mechanism which is the quickest and most reliable on the market. The NEW self cleaning self regulating valve allows the gun to vent excess pressure on high performance cartridges reducing unnecessary wear but the valve ensures all the gas is used for light loaded cartridges. This ensures the gun will operate with 24g (7/8 oz) cartridges and the normal range of 28g 30g 32g all the way up to massive 57g (2oz) (76mm MAGNUM) 12 gauge cartridges.

The new piston features numerous innovations:

  * Four flexible tabs which positively adhere to the gas cylinder walls and adapt to the pressure of the different loads.
  * A high number of self-cleaning scraper bands
  * Scrapers bands on the piston guide bushing which clean the piston
  * Scraper front dents which keep the piston clean from the combustion residues;
  * Four angled slots on the piston walls which induce its rotation

This reduces maintenance intervals by as much as 50%, this ensures reliability over long periods of usage and reduces amount of time the gun is out of action for cleaning.

The AL391 is available in several versions, for price and availabilty please contact store.

Bennelli and Franchi Shotguns

Specification of the guns as follows;

The lightest 12 gauge on earth.
Franchi has always been at the frontline of the light-weight technology as evidenced by the launch of the first aluminum-frame semiauto 48 AL in 1955 and the famous aluminum-frame over and under FALCONET in the late 60s As the 12 gauge semiautomatic shotgun goes below 3 Kg, the challenge of reducing weight becomes harder than ever. Franchi engineers have found new technologies improving the state-of-the-art through the most advanced material engineering and computerised modeling. With the introduction of FAST, Franchi sets a new record providing to you the best in light-weight shotguns.
Features;  Inertia FRONT DRIVE® System

Can you imagine shooting a 12 while having the sensation of carrying a 20? That is what you will experience with FAST.