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Chris Morris Sponsorship

Churchills of Dereham is now a proud sponsor of clay shooter Chris Morris…

About Chris

In 2007 Chris won the British Open English Skeet Competition with 14 entrants shooting a perfect 100 Straight over the 3 day competition, followed by a shoot off on the last day, where Chris shot another 41 straight to win it outright.

In 2011 Chris won the English Open Skeet Doubles competition being the only one to put a perfect 100 straight in.

In 2012 and 2013 Chris won the East Midlands Supreme Championship shot over the 5 main disciplines being DTL,ESP,ESK,ABT,and Allround.

In 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013 Chris won the Cambridgeshire Supreme Championship.

Chris has won lots of East Midland Titles over the past 6 years for Skeet and Skeet doubles mainly.

He has also won dozens of Cambridgeshire titles over the past 9 years and has been Chairman on the Cambridgeshire CPSA Committee twice and currently is on the committee for both Cambridgeshire and East Midlands CPSA.

Chris is a member of the Skeet One Hundred Straight Club which he joined in 2006 and has accumulated 53 Straights since joining and about another 12 before he joined which puts him in the top ten skeet shooters in the country.

Chris’ day job is being the Sales Manager at the Black Bear Harley Davidson in Newmarket: