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Air Rifles

Spring Operated


Contains a large spring the source of the power. Break Barrel, side lever and under lever is the common way to cock the gun.

Often heavy with high re-coil.

Easiest way to start shooting as it requires a low amount of equipment to start.

Gas-Ram Operated

Contains a large gas ram in place of a spring. Break barrel, side lever and under lever cocking is typical to this type.

Usually still has a noticeable amount of re-coil as much as a spring gun. Usually cost more and has no advantage over a spring gun.

Co2 Capsule powered

Cheap lightweight rifles. Usually not enough Co2 to be full power or allow enough shots per capsule to make a usable hunting rifle or series target gun.

Ideal for pistols as allows semi-Automatic design, no recoil and low power means more shots per capsule. Capsule conceals in the grips to allow replicas of live firing pistols to keep original looks. We recommend Co2 pistols for a basic starting gun and a cheap club practice gun.

Pre-charged Operated


This type of air rifle/ air pistol is the best type on the market.

Pre-charged is the most modern type available. Measuring Air from an air reservoir in measured amounts to provide very consistent shots. Incredible accuracy is produced. Very low noise when fitted with sound moderator. Due to the more precise components, a very lightweight gun is produced. Low cocking effort usually by a bolt action. The only downside is you require a device to fill the high-pressure reservoir, either a pump or a dive cylinder. This downside is easily outweighed by the advantages.